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Παρασκευή, 30 Μαρτίου 2012

The HouseCall Show - March 23,2012

Jon Nedza - Lifted Soul (Persuasive Percussion Mix)
TPO - Hiroshi's Dub (Joe Claussell Rhythm Version)
Sicania Soul - Starlite (Danny Krivit Re-Edit)
Danny Thomas - Don't Stop (Vocal)
Tommy Bones - Me Against The World (Original)
Inland Knights feat ToKa Project - Ready
StP - Whispers In The Dark (Kings Of Tomorrow In Session Remix)
DJ Pope - Running Wild
Ken Christensen feat Alexander East - Exposed (95 North Club Mix)
Koloke - West Afrikan Guitar Groove
Inland Knights feat ToKa Project - Back Again
Onionz & Master D - It Won't Hurt You
Nectar - Big World
Peven Everett - I Can't Believe I Loved Her (Calypso Mix)
19th Street Brothers - Astoria Daze (Street Corner Symphony Remix)
3 Generations Walking - Midnight Bustling (Groundation Version)
Michelle Weeks - He Is The Light (UBP Classic Dub)
Lonely Romance - Lonely Romance (Main Mix)
Tribes Of Jupiter - An Inspiration Journey (Moons Of IO Mix)
Stephanie Cooke - Thinkin I'm Beautiful (Hoshiko's Sunset Remix)
Rasmus Faber pres Apollo vs Melo - Divided/United (Main Mix)

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